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D'Ornellas Stories

Always in the spotlight

D'Ornellas Boots have already won over many clients around the world, including several public figures.
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Diego Ventura

World Rejoneo's leading figure, Diego Ventura, has surrendered to the comfort, design and versatility of D'Ornellas Boots.

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diego ventura


Madonna Queen of Pop chooses D'Ornellas Boots to perform on her tour! Thank you Madonna!

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madonna d ornellas boots

João Gil

We were proud to see our boots worn by this reference in Portuguese music.

joao gil1

Maria Barros

A conceituada Designer de Interiores Maria Barros não resistiu à estética das D'ORNELLAS Boots e registou o momento com uma selfie.

maria barros

Você na TV

Manuel Luís Goucha presents D'Ornellas Boots on his TV Show

manuel luis goucha

Júlia Pinheiro

Júlia Pinheiro escolhe as D'Ornellas Boots cor Preto na apresentação do seu programa de TV.

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júlia pinheiro
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